About The People's Culture

The People’s Culture is a platform exploring the ways in which artistry, perseverance, and business savvy collide to create enduring careers in the arts.

Through first-hand interviews, neophytes and masters alike share with you how they make it happen.


Vanity Gee, Curator of The People's Culture, is many things, but mostly a bundle of thoughts, feelings and matching facial expressions. She is a multi-instrumentalist, adult beverage connoisseur, writer, and bibliophile. Vanity is also an arts administrator, advocate for young people, music educator, and production manager, but most importantly, is a loving friend, daughter, sister, and wife. She studied music, economics, and education, and has a few degrees to match. Vanity is an alumna of the Harvard of the Midwest, the Home of the Badgers, and that very old and very erudite university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Though the library is pretty much the only place Vanity truly feels at home, her roots go back to Southern Illinois and Missour-ah. She is currently searching for the best fish and shrimp plate New York has to offer.